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New York City’s Higher Standards Elevates the Head Shop Experience

By | September 4th, 2018|Accessories, Business, Culture, New York City|

Shacked up in New York City’s bustling indoor Chelsea Market, head shop Higher Standards blends in with the other upscale stores selling designer eyewear, vegan sushi, and swanky hot sauce. And keeping up with its classy neighbors, the Higher Standards flagship store offers its customers an elevated head shop experience catered to their curiosity. Customer-Focused [...]

Hot Pot Products: 4 Must-Haves for Cannabis Cultivators

By | August 27th, 2018|Accessories, June 2018 Issue, Products|

Whether you have a proven green thumb or are still a novice grower, the right tools are necessary to get the job done right. Here are four to get you started: Safe Keeping Courtesy of iKeyp $149 We all need somewhere we can securely stash our valuables safely and securely. We love the new [...]

High Five: Smoke-Free Ways to Use Medical Marijuana

By | August 24th, 2018|Accessories, featured, June 2018 Issue, Products|

3-D Printed Inhalers High Times Archive Syqe Medical, a startup company out of Tel Aviv, has developed a pocket-size inhaler that can be 3-D printed, allowing doctors to precisely prescribe the proper dose of medical marijuana to patients. This delivery method is currently in use at Rambam Hospital in Haifa. The gadget is loaded with [...]

Best Dry Herb Vaporizers of 2018

By | August 22nd, 2018|Accessories, Products, vaping, vaporizer|

A growing number of cannabis consumers prefer the generally cleaner, better tasting, and more filtered experience of inhaling vapor to the experience of inhaling smoke. But if you want to vape flower, you’ve got to find the best dry herb vaporizer. With so many different options for the best vaporizer for dry herb, it can [...]

7 Common Marijuana Tools Every Stoner Needs

By | August 21st, 2018|Accessories, beginner, featured, Guides|

There’s nothing complicated about smoking weed. But if you want to do it right, you need to have a few marijuana smoking tools at your disposal. Having the right gear will help you get the most out of your stash. It will also ensure that your smoking experience is as good as it can be. [...]

How To Clean Your Bowl After A Session

By | August 17th, 2018|Accessories, beginner, Guides, how to|

When you’ve wrapped up a smoke sesh you need to know how to clean your bowl. Understanding how to clean a bowl will help you keep things as fresh as possible so you don’t set yourself up for a nasty future sesh. Fortunately, learning the best way to clean a bowl is relatively simple. Here’s [...]

How To Smoke Out Of a Bowl

By | August 2nd, 2018|Accessories, beginner, Guides, how to|

When you think of the classic smoke sesh, it (typically) comes in the form of rolled paper, a bong, or a bowl. However, if we had to pick which one would be the most common, it’s hard to side against the bowl. It’s compact, easy to use, and best of all—it gets you ripped. With [...]

The Gas Mask Bong: Everything You Need To Know

By | June 19th, 2018|Accessories, bong, Guides|

Anyone who’s ever been to a head shop has seen the gas mask bong. And while everyone’s probably seen one of these things before, far fewer people have smoked out of one. So what’s the deal with the gas mask bong? Does anyone even know how to use a them? Are they any good? Here’s [...]

The Best Duds To Hide Your Buds

By | May 31st, 2018|Accessories, clothing, Culture, fashion, featured|

Hopefully, you’re relishing unprecedented new freedoms when it comes to smoking, vaping, and eating herb in 2018. But all it takes is one fascist bouncer or dedicated narc standing sentry at the door to a show to arbitrarily detach you from your stash. To ensure this calamitous scenario never happens to you, good reader, we’ve [...]

10 Weed-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers

By | January 5th, 2018|Accessories, CBD, health, new year, Strains|

The post 10 Weed-Inspired New Year’s Resolutions For Cannabis Lovers appeared first on High Times. If you’re someone who uses the phrase “New Year, New Me” every January 1st, you probably come up with a list of things you’re going to do differently. The list might include things like getting more organized and stopping your [...]