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Alaska House Passes Measure To Erase Prior Marijuana Convictions

By | April 16th, 2018|Alaska, criminal justice, featured, News, prison|

This weekend, Alaska took steps to end discrimination against people charged with low-level marijuana possession. Alaska legalized marijuana back in November of 2014, but legislators had yet to address the issue of prior marijuana charges. While the federal government threatens to revamp the War on Drugs, the Alaska House passes measure to erase prior marijuana convictions. This legislation will [...]

Will Methamphetamine Cause The Next American Drug Crisis?

By | November 25th, 2017|Alaska, drug addiction, drug crisis, drug overdose, health, meth, methamphetamine, News, Politics, World|

The post Will Methamphetamine Cause The Next American Drug Crisis? appeared first on High Times. Has America forgotten all about methamphetamine? The opioid crisis has been sucking up all the attention these days. Especially considering that President Donald Trump recently declared the problem a national public health emergency. But what about the dangers of crystal [...]

How Alaska’s Pot Businesses Carry Pounds of Weed on Planes—With Police Blessing

By | May 3rd, 2017|Alaska, cannabusiness, Ganjapreneurs, Laws, News, travel|

Who hasn’t had a minor airport meltdown at the prospect of having forgotten to remove that bag of weed or those joints stashed at the bottom of the makeup bag? What about legal growers or dispensary owners who need to get large bags of the ganja from one place to another? One such professional, owner [...]