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New Study Finds Cannabis is Not Significantly Linked to Suicide

By | June 14th, 2018|Depression, mental health, News, study|

A new study in Canada has found that cannabis is not significantly linked to suicide in psychiatric patients. Researchers from McMaster University released the results of their study earlier this week in the journal Biology of┬áSex Differences. The researchers’ conclusions note that previous data has suggested a link between cannabis use and suicide in the [...]

Can Marijuana Treat Postpartum Depression?

By | February 13th, 2018|Depression, featured, Medical Marijuana, Postpartum Depression, pregnancy, Reproductive Health, women|

The post Can Marijuana Treat Postpartum Depression? appeared first on High Times. Can marijuana treat Postpartum Depression? This sadness, anxiety and sleeplessness that can follow childbirth affect many new mothers. Traditionally, healthcare providers prescribe antidepressants and psychotherapy. However, many are questioning the efficacy and safety of these treatments. Many new parents are asking, can marijuana [...]