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Does Cannabis Raise Your Heart Rate?

By | August 10th, 2018|Cardiovascular Health, exercise, featured, health|

Weed affects your body in all sorts of ways, but does cannabis raise your heart rate? We don’t have to rely solely on anecdotes or personal experiences. Research has helped map out some of the ways that cannabis interacts with and affects our bodies. In particular, cardiovascular health is one area that researchers have looked [...]

9 Businesses That Should Incorporate Weed

By | March 10th, 2018|art, Business, doctors, Edibles, exercise, featured, Movies, music festivals|

Every seasoned smoker knows that most experiences are way better high. Though there’s a lot to be said for eating Cheetos after hotboxing your dorm room, nothing can beat exploring the world while a little (or a lot) blazed. And that should mean more than smoking in a park or going to a party. From [...]

How To Make A Weed-Infused Pre-Workout Protein Shake

By | February 11th, 2018|Beginner Tips, exercise, featured, health, recipes, sports|

The post How To Make A Weed-Infused Pre-Workout Protein Shake appeared first on High Times. Can a weed-infused pre-workout protein shake help make exercise even better? When it comes to pre-workout cannabis consumption, the jury is split. Some users claim it gives them acute mental focus and increases in strength, while others pan the use [...]

10 Best Strains to Improve Your Workout

By | October 19th, 2017|exercise, health, Medical, sports, Strains, working out|

The post 10 Best Strains to Improve Your Workout appeared first on High Times. While smoking does have a somewhat unwarranted reputation for making its users lazy and tired, that’s not always the case.There are certain strains that can invigorate its users with a cerebral, energetic high that provides not only the perfect motivation to [...]