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Meet The Awesome Women Behind The Scenes of Hemp and Cannabis Beer

By | June 23rd, 2018|alcohol, beer, featured, women|

It’s pretty hard to come across nearly any kind of product that doesn’t have a hemp or cannabis element to it yet. Soap, clothing and textiles, foods and desserts, beauty products of all kinds, medicines, TV shows—even weddings are getting all sorts of danked up. Now, one of the more recent in a long line [...]

How to Know What You’re Looking for at a Dispensary

By | June 22nd, 2018|beginner, dispensaries, featured, Guides, legal|

Legal weed is here to stay! In recreational states, anyone with a 21+ government ID or passport can purchase cannabis. But how do you know what you should buy? What products are best for you? After all, this was supposed to help your anxiety, not make it worse! The first time at a dispensary can [...]

The Pax Era Gets Even Smarter with Session Control

By | June 22nd, 2018|featured, Products, vapes, vaping|

The Era, Pax’s ultra lightweight loose-leaf vaporizer that launched in fall of 2016, is now sporting some new features on top of its pocket-sized design, long-lasting battery, and smartphone app that lets you dial in the temperature. Pax Era owners can download a software update that enables Session Control, aimed at appealing to both veteran vape users and [...]

25 Inspirational Quotes About Weed

By | June 22nd, 2018|Author, books, Culture, featured, inspirational, Martha Stewart|

Looking for a place to turn for some infinite wisdom? Maybe some words that touch on the holiest of subjects, the green goddess Ganja? Look no further. This list of quotations might serve as brilliant and motivational as that poster on the wall of a high school biology classroom that showed a long empty road [...]

LeBron James now has a Weed Strain Named After Him

By | June 21st, 2018|Athlete, featured, NBA, News|

LeBron James has a new honor that he can add to his list of accomplishments. The basketball great now has a strain of cannabis named after him. The new strain of weed is called LA’ Bron James and was introduced by hip-hop star The Game last week. A Los Angeles native and huge Lakers fan, [...]

Mothers In Labor Are Using Cannabis To Manage Pain During Birth

By | June 21st, 2018|babies, children, featured, health, mothers, pregnancy|

With cannabis legalization and use on the rise, mothers are beginning to consider the potential for CBD and THC as useful birth aids and delivery pain medication for their babies in place of Pitocin, epidurals and other traditional birthing drugs. When Kelley started to feel contractions, she dropped a “bath bomb” in her tub and [...]

Poll: U.S. Support for Marijuana Legalization at an All-Time High

By | June 21st, 2018|featured, News, poll, Stigma|

A new poll shows that support for the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. is at an all-time high. The survey found that 68% of voters now support legalizing cannabis. Research firm GBA Strategies conducted the online poll of 1,000 registered voters between April 25 and May 1. The Center for American Progress (CAP) commissioned the [...]

20 Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

By | June 20th, 2018|Barack Obama, Celebrities, featured, Kardashians, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson|

As things get greener and greener in America, talking about who does and doesn’t get stoned has become much less of a taboo. Attitudes have changed, and information that may have once shocked people has become fun and playful (and in some cases, even sort of charming). These days it seems like everybody needs to [...]

What You Need to Know About Canada’s Cannabis Act

By | June 20th, 2018|canada, featured, legalization, News|

Yesterday was a historic day for Canadians, as the Cannabis Act passed through the Senate after two years of intense debate. The landmark decision makes Canada the first G-7 country to legalize cannabis recreationally, with the first legal stores expected to open by September. The bill passed on a vote 52 to 29, with several [...]

The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Detroit

By | June 20th, 2018|Detroit, dispensaries, featured, Michigan|

The history of marijuana decriminalization in Michigan is combative. As a Rust Belt state, we’re not the most progressive hood around, but we take what we got and make the best of it. Michigan voters first agreed to a medicinal marijuana ballot proposal in 2008. What a great November that was. Seriously. A glimmer of [...]