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Jeff Sessions

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Jeff Sessions Says Federal Government May Override States’ Marijuana Laws

By | July 26th, 2018|featured, Jeff Sessions, News|

In a press conference in Boston today, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that a federal sting operation resulted in the arrest of more than two dozen people on charges of immigration document and benefit fraud. But while the focus of the presser was on alleged immigration fraud, reporters took the opportunity to question Sessions [...]

Tommy Chong to Jeff Sessions: Instead of Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass, Try Inhaling It

By | July 20th, 2018|Cheech and Chong, Cheech Marin, entertainment, Jeff Sessions, News, Tommy Chong|

Pot icon Tommy Chong had some choice words for U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions during an appearance with Cheech Marin on the debut episode Cold Cuts with Al Roker. Cheech and Chong were guests on the new online show to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the comedy duo’s landmark film Up in Smoke. While the trio chats and [...]

Why Jeff Sessions Will Fail at Taking Us Back 50 Years on Marijuana Legalization

By | June 25th, 2018|featured, Jeff Sessions, Politics|

The progress that we’ve made in the last 50 years has been dramatic; from the first marijuana decriminalization laws passed in Oregon in 1973, to the headlong rush for recreational and medical marijuana legislation today, we’re within striking distance of full, nationwide legalization. However, the current administration features Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, an Attorney General [...]

Pot Company Uses Proceeds to Help Kids Taken From Undocumented Parents

By | June 19th, 2018|activism, children, Donald Trump, human rights, Jeff Sessions, News|

A cannabis company in Oregon has teamed up with a dispensary to help kids taken from undocumented parents. Leif Goods will donate $1 for each of its chocolate bars sold at Farma during the next week. In the last six weeks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has separated nearly 2,000 migrant children from their parents. [...]

Jeff Sessions Appoints Over 300 Prosecutors to Fight Drug Use

By | June 5th, 2018|Donald Trump, featured, Jeff Sessions, News|

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has added more than 300 prosecutors to fight crimes including drug distribution and use related to the opioid crisis. Sessions announced a renewed commitment to fighting crime in a release on Monday. “Under President Trump’s strong leadership, the Department of Justice is going on offense against violent crime, illegal immigration, [...]

Dr. Sanjay Gupta Writes Open Letter To Jeff Sessions About Cannabis

By | April 26th, 2018|featured, Jeff Sessions, News, opioid crisis, Sanjay Gupta|

In light of the opioid crisis and the Attorney General’s intense opposition to marijuana, renown Dr. Sanjay Gupta writes open letter to Jeff Sessions about cannabis. In his letter, Dr. Gupta outlines the three main benefits of cannabis: It reduces pain, opioid withdrawal symptoms and addicts’ craving. Here is what Dr. Gupta says in his [...]

Experts React To Donald Trump’s Action To Protect Medical Marijuana

By | April 16th, 2018|Cole Memo, Donald Trump, featured, Jeff Sessions, News, Politics|

In the hours since news broke that President Donald Trump struck a tentative deal with Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) over future legislation protecting states that have legalized marijuana from federal intervention, there’s been a lot of feedback from advocates and political analysts. Experts react to Donald Trump’s action to protect medical marijuana…and not all are eager to [...]

Senators Take On Jeff Sessions Over Marijuana Research Restrictions

By | April 13th, 2018|featured, Jeff Sessions, News, Politics, Senate|

Bipartisan senators take on Jeff Sessions over marijuana research restrictions, calling for the Justice Department to stop blocking the DEA from approving new suppliers. On Thursday, Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) sent a letter to the DOJ demanding action on the more than two dozen applications the DEA has yet to review. [...]

Cannabis Activism Group Selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ Rolling Papers

By | March 2nd, 2018|Jeff Sessions, News, Off the Wall, Rolling Papers|

The post Cannabis Activism Group Selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ Rolling Papers appeared first on High Times. Thanks to a cannabis activism group selling ‘Jeff Sessions’ rolling papers, you can now send a clear political message the next time you roll up. The papers are now on sale, but they’re going quick—apparently, a lot of weed smoker’s [...]

Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Jeff Sessions

By | February 27th, 2018|Alexis Bortell, featured, Jeff Sessions, lawsuit, News|

The post Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Jeff Sessions appeared first on High Times. In a blow to medical cannabis activists nationwide, a federal judge dismisses lawsuit against Jeff Sessions. The suit sought to have the government’s classification of marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance under the Controlled Substances Act unconstitutional. The decision was announced [...]