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Nova Scotia

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Marijuana Laws in Canada: Province by Province

By | April 16th, 2018|canada, featured, Laws, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec|

By the end of the summer, recreational marijuana will be legal across Canada’s provinces and territories. National legislation legalizes the sale, cultivation and use of marijuana. It also sets the limit for marijuana possession at 30 grams and 4 marijuana plants. Everything elseā€”age restrictions, who can sell weed, where you can sell or smoke, police [...]

Landlords May Ban Weed After Legalization in This Canadian Province

By | April 6th, 2018|canada, featured, Housing, legalization, News, Nova Scotia|

If the Cannabis Control Act becomes law, Nova Scotians are looking at some harsh weed regulations. Not only will this legislation permit strict penalties for driving high, but it means that landlords may ban weed after legalization in this Canadian province. Here’s a closer look at what this means for renters in Nova Scotia. The [...]