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The 10 Best Marijuana Dispensaries in Portland, Oregon

By | July 11th, 2018|dispensaries, featured, Oregon, Portland|

Perhaps due to the sheer timing of cannabis legalization passing at the same time Portland, Oregon’s cultural reputation was drawing in peak numbers of ex-pat creatives seeking a hip, left-of-center and locally-sourced home, the recreational cannabis scene has rapidly developed into a sophisticated industry. The level of thought put into designing stylish shops and the [...]

This City Uses Taxes From Marijuana Sales For Safe Driving Program

By | April 9th, 2018|Driving, News, Oregon, Police, Portland, public safety, safety|

Officials in Portland, Oregon have announced that this city uses taxes from marijuana sales for safe driving program they recently launched.  The new safety education campaign, known as Struck, aims to make Portland’s streets safer by getting drivers to slow down. It is part of a larger effort to reduce traffic fatalities and serious injuries in [...]

Cannabis Lab Founder Steps Down After Neo-Nazi Ties Revealed

By | December 8th, 2017|Business, cannabusiness, Ganjapreneurs, lab testing, Neo-Nazis, News, Oregon, Portland, racism|

The post Cannabis Lab Founder Steps Down After Neo-Nazi Ties Revealed appeared first on High Times. Until earlier this week, Bethany Sherman was a co-owner—with her partner and co-parent Matthew L. Combs—of OG Analytical, a cannabis testing lab in Eugene, Oregon.  By all accounts, they were high-profile members in Oregon’s burgeoning marijuana industry—so high-profile that [...]

Portland’s Tony Ozier On Staying Woke And Blazing Trails

By | November 21st, 2017|Celebs, Culture, entertainment, interview, Music, Oregon, Portland, Tony Ozier|

The post Portland’s Tony Ozier On Staying Woke And Blazing Trails appeared first on High Times. “With social protests, lean pockets, and a divided nation back at the fore, socially conscious music has returned in everything from hip-hop to EDM,” wrote NAACP award recipient, scholar L. Michael Gipson in a review of Portland artist Tony [...]