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2018 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

/2018 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

2018 World Medical Cannabis Conference & Expo

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2018-04-12 12:00 - 2018-04-14 17:00

Hosted by Compassionate Certification Centers

Apr 12 at 12 PM to Apr 14 at 5 PM
1000 Fort Duquesne Boulevard, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

Join our second conference & expo packed full of networking, workshops, industry leaders, super stars and fun!

100+ World Renowned Speakers again!

Conference Schedule Overview:

A CPE course for Accountants
A CLE course for Attorney’s
A CME course for Health Care Providers and emphasis on Pharmacists

Workshops Topics:
For Patients:

Medicinal Menus: A Patient’s Guide to Cooking with Cannabis
Dosing Do’s and Don’ts: Learning How to Medicate for Your Body
Toke Trends: Vaporizing, Tinctures, Topicals, and More
How to Talk to a Loved One About Cannabis/ Addressing Cannabis with Your Family
Understanding Your Rights: Deciphering State Laws and Regulations as a Patient

For Health Care Providers:

Debunking Cannabis Myths: Meet the Top Cannabis Researchers
Opioid Crisis: Cannabis Alternatives for a National Addiction
Pharmacists and Health Care Providers

Plant 101:

An Introduction to CBDs: How to Incorporate them into Your Treatment Plan
Home Grown: How to Cultivate Your Personal Cannabis Greenhouse
Sustainable Cultivation Techniques: Greenhouse vs. Warehouse
Dispensary Doors Open
How to Bake with Cannabis

For Businesses:

International Cannabis: The Current State of the Global Cannabis Economy and Where it is Going
The Ancillary Business Surge: How to Capitalize on the Cannabis Market without a License
Technology for Your Cannabis Operation: Cultivators & Retailers
Investing and Reinvesting: Markets to Watch in 2018
Jobs in Cannabis
Canada and the USA Markets
Networking Events