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420 Yoga Retreat in the Rockies

/420 Yoga Retreat in the Rockies

420 Yoga Retreat in the Rockies

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2017-10-06 14:00 - 2017-10-08 12:00

Need some relaxation? A place to celebrate being alive? Caught up in the stress of life? Perhaps some radical stress-management is needed? Join us this Fall in the beautiful Rocky Mountains for a creative mix of yoga, movement, meditation, massage & marijuana. With a little help from your friends, enjoy a weekend that will warm your hearts and ease your aches & pains. Yogi D & his crew will lead you on a relaxing journey thru five sessions with a mindful, pot-friendly crowd (come alone or with friends).

Take time to go with your own ganja flow enjoying deep peace and passionate joy. Together we will lift our spirits, effortlessly releasing physical & emotional blocks along the way. Saturday night let’s celebrate cannabis with a DJ’ed free-flow, movement meditation. Let go of the business of your life with a silent prayer walk around the ranch. We will provide a safe space for you to either chill-out or be full-of-energy or a combination of both. Let’s explore that innocent part of all of us that can be present in the moment without fear or judgment.