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2017-11-15 - 2017-11-17 All day

AEtrium-2.1 SmartFarm for Cloning & Vegging

A Scaled-Up, Stacked-Up, Fully Automated, Aeroponic Growing System Optimized For Cloning & Vegging

The AEtrium SmartFarm delivers fast, safe, reliable clones IN VOLUME.  This stacked 4-Layer automated grow system was created with high volume cultivation in mind.  Generating 3000 healthy, strong, pest-free clones every 10 days, it fills your pipeline with zero delays, no downtime, and more grow time.  For every 10K ft2 of canopy, you easily save $150K per year by cloning in-house.

Ever Experience A Delay Or A Quarantine Due To Your Clone Supplier?

Our automation keeps your bloom rooms in production.  Just set in your cuttings and the SmartFarm does the rest.  Each layer includes full coverage irrigation, sensor monitoring, and its own full spectrum, 0-100% dimmable, efficient cool-running LED lights.  Your nutrients are managed by an automated dynamic dosing unit that makes sensor control, pH, humidity, lighting, and fertigation effortless.

Free yourself from supply shocks!

Lowest Cost Supply Guaranteed Delivery
No Suprises, No Interruptions Zero Pests
Perfect Timing Zero Pesticides
In action on the floor at the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo
at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth 3220
November 15-17, 2017
How Can You Get Your Production Cost Down To Less Than $200/Pound?

Grow Velocity with AEtrium-4 Aeroponics & Higher Yields/Harvest

One investment provides growth automation and delivers the top shelf bloom harvest you desire for years to come. 

The AEtrium System provides you with the highest possible aeroponic accelerated yields & a “nanny” to watch over every one of your plants with our Guardian™ Grow Manager software.  In 1-2 grow cycles in any size room, be cash positive and on your way.  For large grows (>20K ft²), the upside could be as high as $25M per year profit above current operations.

Read this free case study to see the results for yourself. 

Now this sounds too good to be true and it probably raises some obvious thoughts:

  • “Just another sales pitch?”
  • “Nothing is this easy?”


This benchmark study offers detailed metrics including:

Or visit us at the show and see the AEtrium-4 in action at
the Marijuana Business Conference & Expo
at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Booth 3220
November 15-17, 2017

This could be your routine grow every 8 weeks!

Or you may be thinking…..  How is this possible?

No soil means no soil logistics.

No pots to move, no hand watering, no hand fertilization.

No soil to replace or recycle.

And best of all, no pests!

Professional investors are building warehouses all over. Competition is growing.  You are a great cultivator but what if the competition is using this?

  • How could this generate this much bud per light?
  • Would it really free up my time?
  • Would the quality be any good?

Can you afford not to see for yourself?

You have the space, the license, and the existing grow, but margins are shrinking and there are a lot of people with deep pockets getting into the business.

Can you compete at $200 per pound?