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Build and Market a Compliant Cannabis Brand in Massachusetts

/Build and Market a Compliant Cannabis Brand in Massachusetts

Build and Market a Compliant Cannabis Brand in Massachusetts

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2017-10-12 18:00 - 20:30

Hosted by Beth Waterfall, Laura Beohner and Becky BeeKay

Early bird tix only $25!

Come out to Women Grow Boston’s October Signature Networking Event! You’ll learn from a panel of cannabis marketing and branding professionals how to make sure you’re following the laws and aware of changes in regulations as you bring your cannabis-related product or service to market in Massachusetts.

Before breaking into an interactive Q&A sesh to ensure your questions are answered, we’ll examine:

-Marketing and advertising regulations set forth in Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017
-Compliant ways you can build a brand that will weather the storm of uncertainty
-Engaging your target demographic effectively in a nuanced and highly regulated industry
-Revenue-generating guerilla marketing and public relations ideas

Beth Waterfall is a marketing communications and business development advisor helping cannabis companies and executives grow through effective communications, strategic connections and unforgettable events. With her background in the legal and financial services industries she ensures her clients’ and the greater cannabis community’s success with strategic and compliant marketing initiatives.

Tim Gee has over 15 years of experience in marketing management for a variety of industries, including computer technology, ecommerce, and insurance. He was the Digital Marketing Director at Karmaloop, a leading fashion e-tailer, and a marketing lead for the US launch of Neolane (an Adobe product). Tim’s proficiencies include the development of cross-channel branding strategies and utilization of emerging marketing technologies to drive lifetime customer value.

Morgan Noble is an independent branding and marketing consultant. Before working in the cannabis space she won 10 industry awards for her brand and web work during her tenure as co-owner of a New York creative agency that serviced clients across a wide variety of verticals, including apparel, jewelry, automotive, building & construction and more.

Laura Beohner has dazzled the Massachusetts cannabis market with her company, The Healing Rose. In less than a year her company has become a household name in New England and beyond by implementing strategic marketing and business development activities. Through education, advocacy and a focus on quality, Laura has changed the minds of many regarding CBD and topicals, and created a line of superb products that customers can’t get enough of.