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Save Our 420 Market

/Save Our 420 Market

Save Our 420 Market

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2018-02-07 10:00 - 20:00

Hosted by World Cannabis

Wednesday, February 7 at 10 AM PST

453 West 12th, Vancouver, British Columbia

The licensed producers (LPs) want a monopoly on selling cannabis in Canada. The Liberal government is eager to cooperate, by setting harsh punishments for anybody who grows or uses cannabis outside this regime. To ensure this does not become a reality, a free, fair, and open market has arisen organically here in the Vancouver area.
There is no better model for access to cannabis than the Farmers Market. Come to the source and talk to the farmers and extractors directly – KNOW how it was grown and processed. By coming together as a grassroots community at a cannabis farmers market, we can help keep the market free and competitive.
We’ve had over a three years of monthly farmers markets now, and the movement keeps growing!
Come experience voluntary association and transaction, peaceful civil disobedience, culture, and community at the Cannabis Farmer’s Market, Vancouver Art Gallery grounds
Free to vend & free to attend!